FOOTBALL is at times worse than any addiction you can't shake.

It draws you back even when you are convinced that you can take no more.

I know this will be the feeling shared by many in the Colchester United fanbase, even if some will be saying they have had enough.

I know the feeling, but will continue to put myself though the pain, in a hope that the darkness will pass and a brighter tomorrow will dawn.

During the Crawley game, I was thinking as the time ticked down that I would be writing about a game where points were shared and a U’s team that although were found to be lacking, at least had secured an away point and kept a clean sheet.

Alas, my mind was rushing ahead of reality and very deep into stoppage time, a player who we had been linked with in the transfer window caught the Colchester defence ball watching.

James Tilley made the most of the space he had been allowed on the edge of the box to fire the hosts to three points and our beloved Colchester to the lowly depth of 20th in League Two.

The game was a very disappointing case of more points lost due to basic errors.

We had our chances to score and so did they, the difference being they took one of theirs.

This has been the familiar story of our fall down the league; not enough players have done the basics right or made the correct decision at key moments.

The buck will stop with Steve Ball and Hayden Mullins as ultimately it is their team that goes out there week in, week out to execute a plan that they have come up with.

But once the white line has been crossed it is down to the players to adapt and react, as a situation dictates.

No amount of tactics or shouting can help when they are unable to string a few passes together.

The management and players have to look deep in themselves and take the required action. They are the only ones able to end this rut and stop the fans' frustration.

Exeter are the next team we play and will provide a tough test when they come to visit.

They sit eighth and looked very strong when we made the long trip down to them.

Three points must be the aim for every game we play but in this one even more, so as we need to break this run and string some performances together.

I personally do not think we will go down; there are two teams worse than us in the division, plus we do have a gap from the bottom two.

But we cannot take anything for granted and need to play ourselves out of danger.

The other possibility is that the National League may declare itself null and void, although this is unlikely.

Last week's vote did divide teams as to what outcome they wanted, with Step Two finishing prematurely.

Some clubs in Step One also wanted this, so it is unlikely we have heard the end of the matter.

Not for one minute do I think we should bank our survival on this, but it is something to keep an eye on.

One thing that I do hope and pray is that we have a change of fortunes very soon and that we can talk more positively about the games and look up and not down and over our shoulders.

Up the U’s.