THE countrywide lockdown continues.

Football is now postponed indefinitely and the debate about finances, along with the long-term sustainability of clubs, is in all the sports pages.

It is, as I’ve said before, very unprecedented times with no-one knowing really when this will end and the long-lasting effects.

But more than ever, we are seeing the good in people and that a football club is more than just the 90 minutes on a Saturday.

It is for many, myself included, a badge that joins groups together and gives a way of identifying with one’s town.

Colchester United announced last week that they have opened up the stadium for the NHS to use as a place for training and any other purpose that they see fit.

In addition, the players and staff have been on the phone to fans who are self isolating.

This may not seem much, but to someone stuck indoors and not able to get out, the fact that their football club is thinking about them can give a massive pick-me-up boost on a bad day.

This is showing once again why we are so lucky with the set up that we have at Colchester United and that we are all in this together.

On the pitch, there has clearly been no games, other than the U’s re-runs on YouTube which are nice to see on a Saturday afternoon.

But that doesn’t stop the memories of this season playing on in the mind.

I think from a personal point of view, the best home game I have witnessed, not just this season but in a long time was our home game against Plymouth Argyle at the JobServe Community Stadium, on February 8.

John McGreal’s side produced the most dominant attacking first-half display when everything just clicked and went to plan.

Midfielder Ben Stevenson opened the scoring on 14 minutes.

His goal was followed by a quick-fire brace from striker Theo Robinson with goals on the half hour mark and 36th minute.

With that, the visitors were soundly demoralised and out for the count.

While the second half did not produce any more goals, Theo did come close on a few occasions to complete what looked like an odds-on hat-trick.

But the U’s played so well, even a team such as Plymouth who have been on fine form, up to and since that game were unable to offer anything in reply.

It was one of those games that keeps you going week in, week out, in the hope of seeing it again.

As always, please keep doing what we in Colchester are doing so well.

Stick to the government guidelines and let’s all look forward to the day we are back up at the stadium to see even more fine displays.

Stay safe and remember, we are all here for each other.

Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson