Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns

A SHREWD betting man would probably be placing huge sums of money on the U’s playing promotion rivals Plymouth off the park tomorrow afternoon, winning the game handsomely and then playing host to lower table Grimsby on Tuesday night and having a really tough time of things.

For as long as I can remember our beloved U’s, more often than not each season, struggle to overcome teams who are either fighting for points or struggling for survival; the type of team who chase and nibble at everything.

Call it tradition, habit or fate if you wish, I just long for it to end.

Cambridge was no different to a few others we’ve had recently. Strangely flat in a very winnable game and that’s a real shame, because the U’s fans were there in vast numbers to support them.

I know it would be stupid to assume that the U’s should be winning each and every game.

But they cannot afford many more “gift horses” being left in the stable of disappointment if we are going to achieve promotion this season.

I thought that Cohen Bramall looked the brightest of the bunch and I was pleased for Luke Norris and his fine header but that’s about all, in my view.

Really hope that they’ve had a good chat and think this week and that John McGreal is considering one or two changes to sharpen the players’ minds a bit.

Beating third-placed Plymouth, who have two games in hand over us, is so important and will be a massive statement similar to the Swindon win.

They are very well supported away from home so I really hope that there will be many blue and white newbies or part-timers coming along to do their bit.

I wonder how long it will be before we see a 4-4-2 formation again? Robinson and Norris clearly enjoyed it for our last home game and whilst it would also require a ponder over the positions and personnel behind them, in my view the U’s look so much better when they’re on the front foot.

Lots to think about then and 90 minutes to put behind us of course but before you place your couple of quid exactly the same way as the aforementioned shrewd individual, I’m banking on six points between now and this time next week, so be warned.

Best of luck U’s and many thanks to all of you coming along to support them.

Banter with Burns - Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman