WE'VE now lost our unbeaten run and all the hype/talk that goes with it.

Fair enough - we were soundly beaten at Cambridge United.

But now it is time to ‘go again’; that well used and sometimes annoying football phrase is very fitting here.

Instead of looking back, let's look forward and on to Saturday's home game with Plymouth Argyle.

We travelled and were in good voice at Cambridge, so let's all put that result behind us, turn up in good numbers and cheer the lads back to winning ways.

Promotion is still in our own hands and we, as fans, have our part to play.

Positivity and support from all and we can get this season over the line with League One football, next season.

It wasn't the best day to be an away fan, last Saturday.

I've waited to relax and calm down before putting my thoughts to paper.

The football? Enough has been said and the players have held their hands up and apologised, quite rightly so.

But for a fan, there were further reasons to be put out, on our trip to Cambridge.

Now I know all League Two clubs will all do things differently and there is always a small minority of fans who will look to cause trouble.

But when we arrived at Cambridge for the game, either via our own arrangements or through the CUSA's well-oiled transport system, we found ourselves at a ground with nothing for miles around and no sign of refreshments, either of the soft or alcoholic variety.

There is a bar but that was home fans only, not allowing us in.

I know it's a local derby...but it's not Roma v Lazio.

It would have been nice to mingle and a have few drinks.

Instead, we had to chose between standing around blocking a public footpath or walking the mile plus to town, which a number of less-abled fans are unable to do.

The only saving grace was the fact it was not raining but to go from the superb facility Exeter have to this was a disappointment.

At least that did not stop the 1,000-plus U's fans from filling up the away end and really making some noise.

It always makes for a good 90 minutes and looking at the pictures, it was packed and full of blue and white.

But the use of pyros is always a very touchy subject.

While I know they are banned and not allowed in the grounds, it's down to the stewards to stop.

In my opinion, the effect that it gives off is good and adds to the overall picture when we score etc.

But there is the other side that people have to think about.

There may be people around who have breathing difficulties or young children who have smaller lungs or could get scared of the air suddenly turning blue and find it hard to breath.

I'm not trying to be boring but please consider others around the stand.