THE public consultation around the nuclear technology proposed for the Bradwell B project has now closed.

The 12-week consultation run by the Environment Agency asked the public for views on the regulator’s reports for the HPR1000 reactor proposed by General Nuclear System Limited, a joint venture between CGN and EDF.

The generic design assessment is a process which allows the Environment Agency to assess the design suitability for the UK in general.

Through the process, regulators can ensure new nuclear power station designs proposed for the UK will meet the required high standards of safety, security, and environmental protection.

A generic illustration of a UK HPR1000 reactor unit

A generic illustration of a UK HPR1000 reactor unit

Generic design assessment officer Chris Hall said: “We thank everyone who took the time to engage with the consultation, ask questions and provide comments to the regulator.

“Our teams supported the agency’s consultation events, and we were very happy to field questions about the UK HPR1000 to help people, locally and nationally, understand the technology and the purpose of the generic design assessment.

“We continue to engage with the Environment Agency and the other UK regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, to address questions and comments that they raise, and we are confident that they will all be resolved by the end of the process in 2022.”

Despite the consultation closing, an ongoing separate public comments process about the UK HPR1000 remains open until autumn 2021 where the public can still find out more about generic design assessment.

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