A FISH and chip shop is urging residents to support a campaign for a family who lost their new-born baby after five days due to a rare condition.

John Lord, of the Jolly Fryer in Burnham, is asking for donations to support the family of Penelope Mae Connelly, a baby girl who died of a vein of Galen malformation in the brain on March 19.

The family, from Burnham, were supported by Great Ormond Street Hospital and they hope to give something back to the service with a fundraiser.

The shop wants to help out as much as it can, and pledged to donate ten per cent of its earnings each day between April 11 and April 16 to it.

John Lord at the Jolly Fryer in Burnham

John Lord at the Jolly Fryer in Burnham

John thought of the idea after partner Liz saw the story online.

Liz lost her son Charlie at six days old due to heart complications.

John said: “It just made us realise how fragile life is.

“Here at the Jolly Fryer we love to help local causes and charities as much as we can.

“Some of our customers may or may not know, but our Liz unfortunately understands exactly what the family are going through.

“She has first-hand experience of what this hospital does for not only their patients but their families too.

John Lord with his partner Liz Silk

John Lord with his partner Liz Silk

“The community spirit has really come to the fore. I spent 30 years in Great Yarmouth but when I came down here, they welcomed me with open arms.

“It’s a lovely town, lovely community, and when there have been things that go wrong, they do all try to pull together and help.”

Due later this year, Penelope’s family went for a scan at Broomfield Hospital at 38 weeks to check for fluid on the brain.

After concerns were raised of the rare blood vessel abnormality, they were sent to London for further treatment.

In a vein of Galen malformation, misshapen arteries in the brain connect directly with veins, instead of connecting with capillaries, which help slow blood flow. This causes a rush of high-pressure blood into the veins.

TRAGIC TOT: Little Penelope Mae Connelly

TRAGIC TOT: Little Penelope Mae Connelly

Despite a successful C-section, Penelope’s condition deteriorated, and she died last month.

A family spokesperson said: “On Friday, March 19, our beautiful little warrior passed away peacefully.

“I don’t think anything could prepare parents for a moment like that.

“It almost felt inhumane.

“We knew we wanted to do something for Great Ormond Street Hospital after all they had done for us, even in those short days.

“They put us up in accommodation which was close to the hospital and the support we had was what got us through.”

The fundraiser has received massive support, raising almost £8,000.

To donate, click here.