What is happening to this country!

We have a government that continues to make mistakes: pandemic (lack of PPE, failure to lockdown quickly enough, wasted millions on failed contracts, failed test and trace, sending older people back to care homes with Covid-19 - resulting in 20,000+ needless deaths), a willingness to break international law, a failed attempt to prorogue parliament, failure to dismiss a minister over accusations of bullying, failure to release documents showing the Covid contracts, giving peerages to friends and family, a failure to support free school meals for disadvantaged children.

Now we have a government willing to politicise the police by passing legislation to limit the right to protest through the guise of noise, annoyance or location.

An attack on our democracy.

This is a further attack on our democratic rights with the Government hiding behind the police.

A dangerous and divisive step, all this supported by our local MP.

What comes next?

Peter Davison

Brompton Gardens, Maldon