A COUNCIL is furious after a brand-new nature project for the community was trashed by vandals.

Danbury Parish Council decided to create a new community woodland in the area after Chelmsford City Council’s climate emergency declaration and the need to make a positive impact on the environment.

However, video footage posted online showed the area vandalised, with damage and litter strewn everywhere.

A council spokesman said: “We are deeply upset and disappointed at the wilful damage to the new community woodland.

“Fences were damaged, saplings uprooted, and litter left strewn about.

Video still of mess and vandalism at Danburys new community woodland

Video still of mess and vandalism at Danbury's new community woodland

“At a time when the parish council is considering significant investment in the recreational facilities at the Dawson Field, it is disheartening to see such a lack of respect for Danbury’s natural environment and facilities provided for all residents to enjoy.

“This is criminal damage and antisocial behaviour.

“The parish are in discussion with the police to step up patrols in the evenings.”

Pitch Four on Dawson Memorial Field was the chosen location for the woodland in late 2020, with initial planting only taking place a few months ago.

A view of the pitch in Dawson Memorial Field earmarked for the woodland. Photo - Google Maps

A view of the pitch in Dawson Memorial Field earmarked for the woodland. Photo - Google Maps

A council spokesman said: “Since this area has not been used for football for quite some time it was thought that it was ideal for turning into a woodland.

“The planting will consist of bare root tree whips and 15 mature trees.

“The whips will be paid for by Chelmsford City Council, and the mature trees will be funded jointly by the parish council and Danbury Society.

“The design of the woodland will incorporate an under planting of wildflowers, a wide semi-circular pathway through the area with picnic tables located along its length.

“The area will be surrounded by fencing to protect against deer and rabbits.

“Once the trees mature, the protective fencing will be removed, and more woodland walkways created among the trees.

“The planting of the woodland and its management over the first four or five years will be undertaken by Chelmsford City Council.”

The incident took place on March 29 at about 6pm.

Any residents who witnessed any behaviour which may be of concern is urged to call the police on 101.