Over the next two weeks we are showcasing some of the amazing work individuals and businesses have performed throughout the coronavirus pandemic as part of the Recognition of Service Awards.

Today we are looking at the Technology category:

Carl Wakefield

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Carl is the headteacher of Plume Academy who have been making PPE for care homes and NHS staff.

Carl said: "We are truly humbled to be short-listed for the Maldon District Recognition of Service Awards, however, it has without any shadow of a doubt been a superb team effort over the past eight months by all stakeholders associated with the Plume Family."

Caron Joy Tribble Doyle

His nomination said: "Caron’s Nomination: “Since the beginning of lockdown Caron has worked to move The Salvation Army in Maldon online coordinating the virtual worship, online community and pastoral care using a range of digital means.

"She has been key in ensuring that worship and prayer resources have gone to everyone in this community no matter there technical ability.

"As this has all been done online it has enabled this to all be done remotely and therefore has at all times adhered to all government guidelines."

Stewart Adkins

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Stewart helped out the community by getting people online.

He said: "My former colleagues will be amazed that I might know more than some people about the digital world but let’s not forget the old saying – in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king."

Ross Holland

Ross set up the Maldon District Covid 19 facebook page which gained over 2000 members.

His nomination said: "The page has been a platform for the response team to share information and recruit volunteers, for local businesses to promote their offers to the community and keep people up to date with changes to their services, for people to ask for help and offer resources such as homemade face coverings and more.”

Emma Durrant

Emma's nomination said: "Emma’s Nomination for Technology: “Emma was unable to have rehearsals for her Sound Collective Community Choir from mid March until the current time.

"She sustained her 120 members through this time by adopting Zoom to conduct rehearsals, and using sound recordings sent in by individual members to produce stunning recordings, utilising editing software at home to splice the voices together to create a whole.

"Through this virtual presence, members have continued their creative efforts and community spirit."

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