Once again, the people who live and work around Maldon town can look forward to another initiative thrust upon them, this one being a joint project between the county council and our own district council. I refer to the proposed closure of Maldon’s High Street to road traffic.

To kick off and get us all used to the idea, we have the temporary 20mph notices placed on the footpaths as a prelude to permanent signs that very few motorists will obey anyway, this is supposedly to help people to social distance and keep them safe while browsing the few shops left along the High Street.

So what exactly will closing the High Street achieve? One reason given, is to reduce pollution in a few areas, but surely that will only increase pollution in other areas when cars seek an alternative route to get through Maldon.

I can understand the councils’ desire to bring people back into the High Street, and so they should considering they were chiefly responsible for its present forlorn state, and this was way before lockdown, seemingly unaware of the demise all town centres suffer when retail outlets are agreed and built on the outskirts of a town. They shouldn’t be that surprised fewer people go up the town nowadays, particularly as there is always a well-stocked coffee house located on the edge of these places, as you have to think of their wellbeing as well.

As I see it, the jobs gained in these outlets are offset by the jobs lost in the High Street.

Finding a happy medium for both pedestrians and cars is never going to be easy, in fact you could say impossible, as how can you devise a solution to please everyone, poor public transport, not enough cycle lanes, too many cars, parking? I can only say, good luck with it all and hope it all works out.

There is one aspect I found depressingly familiar, the usual lack of comment and opinion from our elected local councillors, as it would make a nice change to know what they think about it all, as they all voted in favour for the massive amount of housing currently being constructed and the increase of cars it will put on the roads.

Robbie Green

Fambridge Road