Drivers in Maldon are steering clear of trouble compared to others in the East of England, new figures show, with one of the longest average no claims records in the region.

Analysis by shows the area has average 7.1 years with no claims.

Across the East of England as a whole it is 6.5 years, based on car insurance enquiries made by customers between May 2018 and July this year.

Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at the company said: “Lots of factors are taken into account when calculating a driver’s risk profile but having a higher no claims could be a good indicator that someone takes care while on the road.

“Having more years of no claims could mean that your risk profile is lower, and that you could be offered lower car insurance premiums as a result.

“The size of the car insurance no claims bonus varies between providers, if offered, so it’s as important as ever to shop around for a best deal to suit your needs.”