Our children’s legacy?

Aside from the complete devastation the construction of the proposed Bradwell B nuclear power station will inflict on our area, both environmentally and to our pleasant way of life, the greatest danger will come once it is built.

What will we be leaving our children and grandchildren?

n hundreds of years of monitoring and dealing with the storage of nuclear waste.

n possible accidents like Chernobyl (millions still suffering) and others, which would result in the disappearance of the Dengie peninsula and further afield.

n the known danger of increased cancer cases near these plants.

n possible terrorist attacks holding the country to ransom.

n the concealed danger of the Chinese having control of such a place.

Is this really what we want? No amount of promised and questionable prosperity will mitigate these disadvantages. This is a huge construction, much, much bigger than Bradwell A.

Our energies and expertise should be focussed on wind, wave, water and solar for our energy and on methods of storing all the energy produced in these ways.

We need to support the many environmental and other concerned groups campaigning against this monstrosity, and also our councillors, who wisely refused the first planning step towards Bradwell B.

David Garlick

Seaway, St Lawrence