A council has set out an ambitious plan to improve the towns air quality in the next five years.

Developing a Transport Strategy and implementing a voluntary Clean Air Zone are just some of the action proposed by Maldon District Council as part of an ambitious five-year plan.

The Air Quality Action Plan 2020-2025 was approved by Councillors at a meeting on Thursday.

Leader of Maldon District Council, Cllr Adiran Fluker said he is 'delighted' that action is being taken and the health of the people in the District in 'paramount.

Maldon District Council currently meets all the National Air Quality Strategy objectives, other than that for Nitrogen Dioxide in Market Hill, Maldon.

Objectives for Particular Matter are also being met throughout the District, but this is a priority as any level is a concern.

Councillor Adrian Fluker, said "The health of the people of the District is paramount and it is vital that the Council acts to improve air quality where it is reduced.

"I am therefore delighted that this Air Quality Action Plan is being taken forward. One area being examined is transport.

"For example, we can look it improving pavement and road designs for pedestrians and cyclists, so they

"Our aim is to make sustainable transport as safe as possible for everyone to enjoy."

The report sets out a number of initiatives to improve air quality, including cleaner transport, smart delivery bays, and clean air walking and cycling routes.

The Council said raising public awareness of health issues will also be key.

At the heart of the plan is partnership working with colleagues at Essex County Council, public transport providers, local schools and businesses.

To view the full plan go to maldon.gov.uk/cleanair.