STAFF at a Chelmsford shop were left shocked after a pro-hunt supporter knocked over a display supporting the work of hunt saboteurs.

Police are investigating the incidents which took place at Lush in the High Street during a week long campaign against fox hunting.

The man came into the shop on Tuesday last week and knocked over the display of Fabulous Mrs Fox soap bars.

All Lush shops in the country had similar displays last week and are selling the bars until Boxing Day with the money going to the controversial Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Sue McKenna, manager of the store, explained: “He came in, swept the display to the floor, saying he was a hunt supporter and ran out again.

“We put it back up but there were children in the shop as it was around 4pm and they were upset. He said he would come back every day and do the same while the display was up.”

Mrs McKenna said he returned on Wednesday, did the same and ran out.

“The goods were damaged and we had to put the display up again. “ On Thursday Mrs McKenna said they scaled the display down and were waiting for him to come in.

“A member of staff stood in front of it to stop him and I tried to talk to him about the issue. There was an off-duty police officer in the shop at the time and he suggested the man should leave. I gave him the number of the Lush main office to take his grievance up with them.”

Mrs McKenna accepted that the HSA was a controversial group but said: “I thoroughly believe it is the right choice to support the HRA. “Lush has researched its work properly and I believe the HRA are an organisation that is monitoring fox hunting which is still going on.” Fox hunting was made illegal in 2004.

A spokeswoman for Essex Police said it was investigating reported incidents of criminal damage in relation to the shop and trying to identify the person responsible.

As part of the campaign people have been signing petitions which are being sent to chief constables calling on them to crack down on illegal fox hunting.