CHILDREN were treated to fun and games thanks to a religious community group.

Sister Moira O'Sullivan and Sister Margaret Horton from the Cononesse of the holy Fepulchre held their 13th annual fun week at the Scout Hut in Langton Avenue, Melbourne.

Sister Moira said: "Cononesse of the holy Fepulchre is a community religious group and we live and hold meetings in Anderson Avenue, Melbourne.

"We moved to Melbourne in about 2003, from our base in Boreham, and we were looking for how we could help out in the community and what was needed in this area.

"We found that there was a need for events and activities for young people especially during he summer holidays when the children are off school.

"We started our fun week and in the first year it was immediately very popular and it went so well that we decided to make it an annual event."

She said that this years fun week went so well.

She added: "We had various activities including cooking, crafting, dancing and other fun and games.

"There is no direct link or theme with religion to the event other than the fact that we are a group of people that are helping out in the community."