A warning the country could face another lockdown if Covid cases keep rising came as "no surprise" to residents - who have blamed "complacent" rule flouters.

Southend has recorded 60 new coronavirus cases in the last week sparking a warning from the borough's public health boss that people are not social distancing or self-isolating. 

Krishna Ramkhelawon, director of public health, said: “In recent weeks we have seen a rise in confirmed cases across Southend.

"Most of these are attributed to people not following the public health advice including not self-isolating.

“With additional testing in place this was predicted and although we are doing everything we can to slow this rise in cases locally, we must remember that coronavirus is still with us and we must continue to be vigilant, and do our bit to help and follow national guidance.”

And Professor John Edmunds, who is advising the Government’s coronavirus response, joined the criticism of local measures on Tuesday and said new national restrictions were needed immediately.

Chelmsford Weekly News: An empty beach pictured during the last national lockdown in MayAn empty beach pictured during the last national lockdown in May

So we asked readers whether they would be prepared for another national lockdown.

And more than 550 of you responded. 

Many said it was "likely" to come into effect and some even think there will be announcements made on Monday.

Here is what some of you think...

Darren Holding wrote: "If they’re going to do it, it has to be all or nothing. Everything must close for 2 weeks, medical and emergency personnel only on the streets, everyone stays home and doesn’t leave the house for anything, no excuses.

"If they’re not going to do that, it’s a waste of time. Should’ve done this at the start and we wouldn’t be in this mess."

Kathy Hodgson said: "I would like to know just how many needless deaths the last lockdown caused, with suicides cancer deaths heart deaths and other neglected illnesses."

TJ Tanner said: "There are less people dying now than would normally die at this time of year.


"Protect the vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with living. Or there won’t be anything left worth living for."

And Danny Brett Michael Lee replied: "All the last lockdown did was slow it down, it will never stop until everyone is immune to it a bit like the flu.

"Sorry but think it's time to just protect the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else get on with it as u can see people don't care anymore."

David Everett said he didn't want another lockdown. He wrote: "What a waste of time the first one was if we have to do it again.

"Virus is never going away, got to live with it."

Clara Cosgrove added: "Absolutely not. Lockdowns cause long term damage, not just to the economy but to the vulnerable. Balance is key. Clearly some measures need to be in place but life cannot be put on hold indefinitely."

Rose-mary Witt said: "It's the minority of selfish people not sticking to the rules ie people going to parties etc enforce the rules!!"

Chelmsford Weekly News: The police making sure people are sticking to the lockdown rulesThe police making sure people are sticking to the lockdown rules

Ray Crudgington replied: "Easy to answer “No” until it’s you/your spouse/mother/grandfather dying of respiratory failure because there are no ITU beds."

And Luan Foulkes said: "Nope enough is enough! And what would be the point it’s only a temporary fix to the infection and death rate but a permanent bad change the economy and people’s mental health."

Abbi Victoria added: "Accept this virus isn’t going anywhere and we have to learn to live with it. Stop putting everyone in one boat and prioritise the vulnerable and let the rest carry on with their lives."

James Williams said he would support a lockdown and added: "I would although lockdown is not a cure or treatment it is buying time while one is found, I have vulnerable people at home and don't want to see them die, plain and simple."