DISGUSTED office workers had a horrifying surprise when they arrived at work and found human faeces on their doorstep.

The shifty culprit, who was wearing a high-vis jacket, was caught in the act when the team spooled through CCTV footage from the prior evening.

Ellie King is hoping to track down the man responsible in order to have him clean up his mess.

She shared the footage of the messy crime on social media, adding: “You’d have thought he would have been taught not to [poo] on his own doorstep.

“Does anyone recognise this man that took a [poo] on our doorstep?”

Speaking to the Gazette, she said she and her colleagues discovered the mess when they arrived for work on Friday morning at the office building off East Hill, Colchester.

Ellie said camera footage covering the car park off Eastgate showed the man skulking around looking for somewhere discreet to relieve himself.

“We haven’t reported it to the police, but surely it would come under indecent exposure or something,” she said.

“We shut the office at 5pm and we discovered it the next morning.

“There was a bit of a debate over whether it was dog mess or from a human.

“We checked the cameras and we couldn’t believe it.

“He was caught in the act.

“It happened at about 6.10pm on Thursday night, we could see him running around the Eaglegate car park looking for somewhere to go.”


Spotting some initials on the back of his jacket, Ellie tried to reach out to his potential employer, but with no luck.

“We’ve just left it where it is at the moment,” she said.

“We got on the phone to a company which could link to the initials on his jacket, and said we were giving them a chance to do something about it.

“After a couple of hours they said ‘he’s not one of ours’ and said it could be someone had stolen a jacket.

“It was left right on our doorstep, everyone was gobsmacked. Who does that?

“There is a pub just opposite, there are better options than our doorstep.

“When someone got the camera on to check the footage we just screamed.”

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