A NEW post office which has cost thousands of pounds is now scheduled to open to the public in just a matter of weeks following a consultation.

Earlier this year Frinton and Walton Town Council officials formally agreed to save a Post Office branch at the Triangle Shopping Centre, in Frinton.

The former parcel hub was located within the Martin’s newsagent but closed in November after the company decided against renewing its lease on the building.

The branch, however, which employs three people, was reopened temporarily by the Post Office after concerns were raised by councillors and residents.

The month before the initial closure Frinton and Walton Town Council agreed to spend roughly £17,000 to convert its downstairs meeting room into a post office.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Since then a successful consultation has taken place and the new post office, located in the council’s shopping centre building, is now set to open to customers on June 2.

Terry Allen, Tendring councillor for the Frinton ward, said: “This is long-awaited and has been months in the making, but finally the new post office is going to open.

“Our hard work, hopes and aspirations have finally come to fruition and we are now just weeks away, with staff in the final stages of their training.

“This is a great move by the Frinton and Walton Town Council and it means residents from around the area and afar can still have local post office facilities.

“I hope that many of our usual local customers come to see the official opening and I am proud to have been able to play my part in this.”

Christine Carpenter, 79, of Winterbournes, was one of the first to protest the proposed post office closure way back in 2019.

She is thrilled to hear the new branch is finally opening and considers it a small victory for the elderly people of Frinton.

“It has taken a long time, but all the old people around here are very pleased that it is finally happening,” she added.

"People do not just use the post office for sending letters, but they also rely on it to do their banking.

“The temporary post office has worked, but it is not very appetising, and it is quite dark inside – I feel a little sorry for the girls who work in there.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

"The workers at the Connaught Avenue post office I am sure will be happy now as there were long queues going out of the door because of the closure.

“It took us a while to get here, but our voices have been heard and this is a victory for us.

“I just hope they put a new door on it the council building as it is very, very heavy.”

Terry Allen (Tendring First) is standing in the upcoming elections for the Frinton & Walton electoral division.

The other candidates are Matthew Bensilum (Lib), Susan Clutterbuck (Green), Nic El-Safty (Lab), Stephen Mayzes (Ind) and Mark Platt (Con).