A north Essex village has been given a shout out on a radio show in Australia - all because its name is a 'bit rude'.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show, in Sydney, compiled a list of the 'world's rudest town names' on Wednesday morning.

The hosts picked cheeky names of towns and villages from across America, Australia and the UK. 

Fingringhoe was one of those picked out. 

And it is fair to say the hosts thought the Essex village was made up. 

Kyle Sandilands said "someone must be taking the p***" when he heard the name.

And co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson admitted she didn't "know if we can get better than Fingringhoe". 

The village has frequently been featured on lists of unusual place names.

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And it isn't the only place in Essex with rude names. 

From Tom Tit Lane, in Woodham Mortimer to Fiddlers Folley, in Colchester, the county's road names have provided many laughs for passers-by.

Back in 2014 Turkey Cock Lane was named as one of the most embarrassing roads to live in.

And one resident was desperate to move there just for its name.

Holly Jago-Eagland, 34, was far from dissuaded by the so-called rude name and instead waited years for a house to come up for sale in the quaint country road.

Elsewhere there is Tinkers Hole near Burnham.

Burnt Dick Hill, Fingringhoe Road and Butt Road in Colchester have also made the list.

Other contenders include Dancing Dicks Lane near Witham.