A FATHER who ran over a teenager girl and her friends has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Brett Hart, 35, smashed a Volkswagen Golf into a 17-year-old girl, and two of her friends, in Elmden Court, Clacton, in August last year.

He had denied attempted murder and a jury at Chelmsford Crown Court also heard a police interview in which Hart repeatedly denied being the driver.

In the same interview he said he arrived at Elmden Court to find a group trying to kick in the door to his house.

He said he rushed to help his son, Brett Hart junior, and told police he had wielded a metal bat to prevent anyone from attacking him.

He described the confrontation as a “life or death situation.”

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He also told police he jumped in the passenger seat of the Golf while the group continued to deliver blows to the car.

Hart said his partner, Rebecca Grant, was the one to drive away from the scene.

Last week, however, during the court hearing, Hart accepted he was one driving the vehicle when it struck the three youngsters.

He has now been found guilty of attempted murder after the jury gave its unanimous decision earlier this afternoon.

Hart has also been found guilty of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

Hart is due to be sentenced later today.