AN eco-conscious youngster has been celebrated by a supermarket’s community champion after taking it upon himself to keep his hometown tidy.

Preston Booth, 5, of Hayes Road, Clacton, recently decided to clean up his local leisure centre after seeing its bins were overflowing.

The large green space, between Vista Road and Valley Road, is where Preston walks his pet pooch with his dad Steve, 30, and mum Bobbie Willis, 28.

The young litter-picker’s heart-warming exploits caught the attention of Wendy Giles, who is the community champion for Morrison’s at the Waterglade Retail Park.

Impressed by his dedication to keeping Clacton clean, she invited him to the store where she presented him with a certificate and hamper of goodies.

Wendy said: “We are looking for Little Sunshines, so children who have done or do something for their community that goes above and beyond.

“I decided to give Preston the award because, as a five-year-old, he is more responsible than a lot of adults.

"He cares about the wildlife and his community. He was pleased with his prize, especially the hot wheels car."