TWO men were seen "covered in blood" and fleeing the scene of a horror crash on the A12, according to witnesses.

Tony Hall was driving to Colchester on the A12 southbound at East Bergholt where there was a "serious car crash which saw a car fly through the air".

The father, who lives in East Bergholt, was travelling to pick up his daughter in Colchester at around 11.15pm on Friday, April 16 when a car attempted to overtake.

Tony says the car lost control before spearing into the central reservation and crashing into a road sign before landing in some nearby trees which then collapsed on to the road.

He said: "I had to pick my daughter up in Colchester. I came out of the Bergholt junction. Nothing was coming along the A12 so I came out as normal with a car behind me going the same way.

"The person in the car behind put his foot down to overtake me probably getting up to a speed of 60mph.

"He lost his back end hit the central barriers and the car took off in the air hitting the big sign high up and taking that out and going into the trees which fell on the carriageway.

"I swerved and stopped my car 20 yards on, another car swerved the tree and also stopped."

Tony then says fellow residents stopped to help the two men who were in the horror crash.

He added: "Five lads got out and ran past me while I was on the phone to the police and ambulance.

"My first thought was no way have they survived that crash they literally flew in the air I could see the underside of their car.

"The five lads got to the car first while I was talking to the emergency service who were asking if they were alive.

"When I got through the trees there were two young lads covered in blood but walking.

"One of the five lads who got to the car was an off duty nurse he looked after them while a couple of us tried to pull the trees off the carriageway before the emergency services got there.

"Once I found out they were ok I went to collect my daughter as she was waiting for me

But Tony says that once he returned to the scene of the crash, the two men in the car had fled.

He said: "I returned to the accident because I was the only witness and gave my statement to the police for some reason only known to them, the two lads in the car that had the accident done a runner.

"I have no idea if these lads are ok. The police had police dogs and the helicopter was also called to look for them but they had gone.

"If any parents wake up today with their sons battered and bruised they now no why I have no idea how they survived this crash.

"Two lucky lads I hope they are ok."