READERS have voiced their support of a man who was fined after his car was driven through a bus lane despite being seized by police half an hour earlier.

Graham Hayles, 65, of Manningtree, lent his Peugeot to his son Gareth Hayles, 42, of Harwich.

As he passed through Hythe Hill, Colchester, Gareth was pulled over by police officers.

He was found to be using the vehicle without the correct insurance, so Gareth’s dad’s car was subsequently seized at 10pm.

Graham then received a £60 fine after his vehicle was caught driving through the Hythe Station Road bus lane.

It was clocked by the camera on the same night the police had took the car from his son, but nearly half an hour after it had been seized.

Graham has since seen the penalty amount increase and received threats of court action from Essex County Council for refusing to pay the fine.

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Since the Daily Gazette and Harwich Standard broke the story, our readers have flocked to voice their support of Mr Hayles.

Jeanette Blakewood said: “I feel really sorry for him and I would not be happy about it. What a police state we live in now.

“If he was not driving then he should not have to pay, surely? There must be another photo to prove who was driving.”

Lami Beader believes Graham should continue fighting to get the penalty overturned.

She said: “I would let it go to court. He must have paperwork proving the police seized it.”

Philip Tye also believes Graham has enough proof to show he was not driving the car when it went through the bus lane.

He said: “The fine is for whoever drove the car, not the owner. He has enough evidence to prove that he was not in possession of the car at the time.”

Leon Howlett also said he feels sorry for Graham.

He added: “How ridiculous is that whole situation? Poor bloke.”