SNOW showers could arrive in some parts of Essex this weekend, according to the Met Office and weather forecasters.

This week has seen the country battered by Storm Christoph with flooding in the north of England.

And the Met Office is warning spells of heavy rain, sleet and snow are all possible in Essex on Sunday, with frosty conditions also set to sweep in.

It would be the second weekend in a row the county has been hit by a flurry of snowfall.

Most parts of Essex are set to see some snow on Sunday, with some areas likely to get more than others.

Colchester is expected to see the worst periods of snowfall along with Harwich.

Here are the parts of Essex set to get snow this weekend:


According to the weather forecast, Colchester has a 40 per cent change of getting snow on Sunday.

There is also predicted to be a 37 per cent change of heavy snow showers across the borough.

Temperatures are set to plummet to just above freezing on Sunday too so ice could be an issue.


Harwich is also likely to see some heavy snow showers on Sunday afternoon.

These will gradually die down into the evening, with some sleet also expected earlier in the day.


Sleet is expected to be the main issue in Basildon over the weekend, with some expected on Sunday afternoon.

Light snow showers are also possible in the morning, with temperatures falling to three degrees.


Southend is likely to be in a similar situation to neighbouring Basildon, with some snow possible in the morning on Sunday.

By the afternoon this will have turned to sleet.


Braintree is set to see some light snow shows in the morning on Sunday, followed by sleet showers later in the day.

By the early evening some light snow is still expected.


There is also likely to be some light snow showers in Maldon too on Sunday.

Sleet will also arrive in the town, with temperatures dropping as low as two degrees.


Clacton faces similar weather as most of Essex, with light snow showers expected on Sunday as well as sleet.