COUNCILS are set to get extra powers to slap drivers with £70 fines for minor driving offences after a shake up of the rules.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed it is drawing up legislation which would allow 293 local authorities outside London to enforce common road offences for the first time in England.

Under the rules changes, councils would take over responsibility for at least 20 moving traffic offences.

The ones which could land you with a fine include - ignoring banned left or right-hand turns and failing to give way to vehicles.

Only local authorities in London and Cardiff are able to use these powers at the moment

Under the new rules councils will be able to enforce civil penalties for minor driving offences such as straying into cycle lanes or stopping in box junctions.

Motorists could receive automatic fines of £70 in the same way these are issue for box junctions.

If the changes to the Traffic Management Act 2004 ago ahead it allow councils with responsibility for parking enforcement to apply for the wider powers as well.

But the RAC has warned there was concern some councils would use the powers to generate cash, particularly at a time of shrinking support from the Government.