HUNDREDS of care home residents are set for a Christmas treat this year thanks to coffee shop staff and customers.

Harris and Hoole, based in Tesco Highwoods in Colchester, has launched its giving tree ahead of the festive season.

Staff have decided gifts will be given to care home residents across Colchester after more than 300 people were treated last year.

Each recipient writes a tag with what they would like as a small gift which is then hung on the tree at the shop or on a board nearby.

Staff or customers then take a tag, buy the gift, wrap it up and return it.

So far this year, 450 gifts have already been donated.

Assistant manager Gemma Tracey said: “Last year, we managed to get 320 residents across ten care homes presents for Christmas.

“We are able to choose who the gifts go to and we thought it would be nice to choose people living there.

“Some people don’t have any visitors and Christmas can be a tough time - especially this year.

“Last year, all someone wanted was a packet of tic-tacs but something like that which you can add to your shopping so easily would brighten a person’s day.”

Anyone who wants to get involved should visit the store at the supermarket.