AMY Paris has a mantra that serves her well both in life and business.

The 31-year-old, from Colchester, is a firm believer that every good morning starts the night before.

She sees a good night's kip as "the third pillar of health" and took that principle into her working life, founding The London Sleep Company in December 2019.

Offering a range of products and services, it has scooped numerous awards and now Ms Paris is dedicated to helping even more people "fall back in love with sleep".

She said: “I wanted to set up a brand dedicated to sleep because of my own struggles, over the years.

“It's often said sleep is the third pillar of health, alongside regular exercise and a balanced, healthy diet.

"However, arguably, it's actually the foundation on which exercise and diet are built and maintained.

“I found the work-life balance really difficult.

"I had trouble switching off in the evenings, with the ‘always on’ phenomenon that champions poor sleep - caffeine culture, long working hours and ‘down-time’ being social media and Netflix.

"So many people are struggling with sleep but just accept it.

“That lifestyle led to a vicious cycle of poor sleep.

"So I came up with natural remedies, routines and home-made products to rebuild my relationship with nighttime.

"Friends, family and colleagues wanted in and so I realised there was a real demand and need for it.

“We launched with our Hero product, which embodies our ethos – slow down and give yourself permission to rest."

Ms Paris, whose business has been featured in the national press, is hoping to engage with a more local audience in the new year.

In 2021, she is looking to run sleep bars - events with sleep consultations, sleepy massages, sleep teas and her own products - in Colchester and across Essex.

"I was born and raised in Colchester and have lived here most of my life, so it’s really important to me to engage with the local area," said the former Stanway School and Colchester Sixth Form College student.

"We're keen to reach local residents in the run-up to the festive season – giving people and their loved ones the gift of sleep this Christmas.

"With sleep and the immune system so closely linked, now's a particularly important time to promote sleep and its health benefits and our current platform online fits in with the 'shop local, shop safe' campaign.

"We're so proud to say the concept has proved a huge hit and our company has won national competitions, including Innovate UK’s Young Innovators Award.

"And our Bath & Shower Elixir, a complex blend of pure botanical oils, recently won a bronze award in the Best New Wellness Product category in The Pure Beauty Awards London 2020."

The London Sleep Company’s next release is The Sleep Journal.

Comprised of exercises in habit tracking and forming, reflection, gratitude and journalling which are proven to promote sleep, relaxation and positive habits, it will help customers maximise their potential.

Bound in vegan 'leather' and scientifically researched, The Sleep Journal is described as ‘the perfect bedtime companion’.

Further planned releases include overnight face oils, sleep and wake up teas and bed wear.

For more information, see, on Facebook or search The London Sleep Company on Instagram.

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