THE Conservative association in Priti Patel’s constituency insists she has its full support amid the ongoing row over bullying accusations.

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson also gave his backing to the Home Secretary, despite an investigation concluding Ms Patel did breach the ministerial code of conduct.

Sir Alex Allan, who led the probe, resigned after Mr Johnson overruled his verdict and said Ms Patel did not breach the code.

Labour has called for further investigations into the allegations of bullying by the Witham MP, but the Conservative association in her constituency has leaped to her defence insisting it “fully stands behind” Ms Patel.

A spokesman added: “Priti has been our representative for more than ten years and we have never seen anything that would bring her behaviour into question.

“Priti has apologised if her behaviour in the past has caused anyone upset and been clear it was never her intention to do so.

“Ultimately, the Prime Minister has concluded that Priti did not breach the ministerial code and now considers the matter closed.

“We stand by Priti and the work she does day in, day out to support our community and residents.

“We also know as Home Secretary she will continue to deliver on the people’s priorities of making our streets safer, recreating thousands more police officers and taking control of our immigration laws.”

Former Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has also given his backing to Ms Patel.

The Braintree MP tweeted: “I’m proud that my friend and neighbour Priti Patel is leading the Home Office and delivering increased police numbers and secure borders. She is delivering the first duty of Government - protection of the British people.”