Kevin Bentley is deluded if he thinks that cycle lanes will give a boost to the fortunes of the town centre (Gazette, November 16, “£7m money go-round to boost cycling”).

The evidence is to the contrary, many towns and city’s are removing them as fast as they can, as well as Transport for London.

Rather than boosting the economy, they have proved to increase congestion and be far less healthier as a consequence.

It seems the local and county councils will do anything if there is free money in the form of Government grants on the table.

Just say “no” to these ill-advised and illogical schemes thought up by people that just don’t understand the basics of running a business.

Covid is one thing, online shopping is another, but to have to battle your local council is madness.

It’s time they realised they were elected to represent the local population, yes that includes cyclists, but not on a scale that will destroy what’s left of our town centre.

I see no one advocating that people should use their bikes to shop at Tollgate.

D Chapman

Straight Road, Colchester