EXTRAORDINARY security footage has captured the moment a daring burglar smashed his way into a barber shop before making off with a till full of cash.

The Barber Royal, in St John’s Road, Clacton, was targeted shortly after 3am on Wednesday by a masked figure.

In CCTV footage, which has been seen by the Gazette, what appears to be a man approaches the hairdressers before launching a tirade of forceful kicks at the front door.

He then turns around and proceeds to do the same to the lower part of the door using the back of his heel, managing to force an opening.

Once inside, an internal camera also managed to film the crook yanking the till, which had £100 of cash in it, from its fixture.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

He then leaves the property through what looks like a hole he managed to make in the door before running off into the night.

Selcuk Arif, 28, is the owner of The Barber Royal, which only opened in Clacton back in March.

He became aware of the break-in a few hours afterwards when he first opened the shop for what was meant to be a day of trading and trims.

“I was shocked, sad and scared when I saw what had happened,” he said.

“We are working hard and we are not living in Clacton, so every day we are travelling from North London.

“It is very hard at the moment, but now we have had to pay £340 for the door and £140 for the till.

“So, if anyone has any information about this, please come into the shop and let us know or inform the police.”

Chelmsford Weekly News: Barbershop Owner - Selcuk ArifBarbershop Owner - Selcuk Arif

Mark Stephenson, ward councillor for St John’s, slammed the burglar for targeting a business at a time when most industries are struggling financially.

He said: “I know times are hard, but this does not give people the excuse to commit crime and steal and bring sufferings to others.

“We are all meant to be in this together and this is the last thing local businesses need right now.

“I hope justice can be served and I hope there is a positive outcome from this for the barbershop.”

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A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We received reports of a burglary in St. Johns Road, Clacton at around 5.30am on Wednesday 21 October.

"Sometime between Tuesday 20 October and Wednesday 21 October, the front door of The Barber Royal has been forced open and an unknown amount of money was removed from the till.

"Anyone who has CCTV or information is asked to call Clacton Local Policing Team on 101 quoting crime reference 42/171401/20."