CONCERNS have been raised over the “now dangerous and unsafe condition” of a resurfaced main road.

Harwich county councillor Ivan Henderson has received complaints from residents about the failed road resurfacing in Parkeston Road, Dovercourt.

He said the resurfacing work, which was completed in September, has failed and created a very “dangerous” and uneven road surface as a result of the work.

Mr Henderson said he was informed by Essex Highways that investigations to determine the reasons for these failures are now being carried out.

Essex Highways is set to repair the botched works next spring, Mr Henderson added.

He has now written to Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of Essex County Council and cabinet member for infrastructure, calling for urgent repairs to the road’s surface.

The letter said: “I am contacting you to make you aware of a number of residents raising very serious concern over the now dangerous and unsafe condition of Parkeston Road.

“The present condition of this road is in need of urgent repair, now. It is totally unacceptable having to wait until next spring for this road to be made safe.”

Mr Henderson claimed the condition of the road will “only get worse” when Highways England starts the repairs on the A120, when Parkeston Road will act as a diversion for lorries leaving Harwich Port.

His letter added: “Can you please give this matter your urgent attention and respond with what action can be taken to make these failed repairs safe to prevent any possible accidents, due to the very uneven road surface created as a result of these repairs?”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “This was micro-surfacing work carried out in September.

“Unfortunately and very unusually, the surfacing has failed on some sections of the road for reasons we are investigating fully and will have a conclusion about soon.

“We will repair the road surface as soon as conditions and resources allow, at no cost to the taxpayer.

“We continue to inspect and monitor this road as we do others and can confirm that it is not dangerous.

“Where the surfacing has failed, the depth of defects is very small and if any higher risk defects did arise, they would be separately repaired as they would on any other road.”