A DOG show held after having to be delayed due to coronavirus has raised £1,300 for charity.

Louise Jacobs put on the event at Waldegraves in Mersea.

The dog show had originally been due to be held earlier in the summer but was postponed due to Covid-19.

Organisers were finally given the go-ahead to run the event just two days beforehand.

Louise said: “We can normally have up to 500 people but because of Covid it had to be restricted.

“We could have 65 people for each day and only 28 competitors were allowed in the ring.

“I had a list of people waiting to come along. It also wasn’t just local people, one couple came all the way from Hastings.

“I had to do lots for it including several risk assessments and new safety policies.

“It had to be signed off by Colchester Council and the police.”

The money raised was split between Benidorm Dog Homing and Scruffy’s Angels in Romford.

During lockdown Louise and her colleagues held dog shows online.

They raised £4,500, which was split between Colchester Zoo, Essex Air Ambulance and St Helena Hospice.