DAREDEVILS are risking their lives climbing over barriers to get onto a pier during high tide - and it is feared someone will die before they take notice.

Harwich’s lifeboat crew volunteers saw “multiple people” on Stone Pier in Harwich taking unnecessary and dangerous risks on Sunday, at about 10.50am.

With the high tide due at 12.40pm and the strengthening wind continuing throughout the afternoon, they said there was a severe risk of being swept into the sea and killed.

A Harwich RNLI spokesman said: “We would urge everybody to please stay safe.

“This means keeping away from exposed areas of coastline and to definitely not going out on to the Stone Pier.

“It takes very little water to sweep a person off their feet and in to the sea.”

The RNLI volunteers’ pagers were activated for a possible launch of the inshore lifeboat as a precautionary measured throughout Sunday.

Luckily, the lifeboat was not needed to be called in the end to save someone, but thrill seekers are being urged not to go out on the pier again.

Harwich councillor Ivan Henderson said: “There are barriers across there but I have seen more and more people down there recently.

“The pier was sectioned off by barriers and if you are not careful you can get cut off by the sea.

“If you are not aware of the tidal situations at the end of the pier you can be cut off by the tide, and you won’t be able to see where you are walking and it’s a risk to life.

“There should be more prominent warning signs recognising the dangers of the pier.”

He added: “People need to be considerate of the emergency services involved with rescuers who give up their time.

“We understand that you want to get out now restrictions are lifting, but pick somewhere safe if you want to go fishing.”