Dramatic arrival - Harvey Michael Jones was born by emergency C-section in Colchester on May 8, weighing 7lb 7oz

LOOK at these little bundles of joy.

Today we bring you another selection of lockdown babies - special deliveries born during the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenging circumstances, these cherubs have brought life and happiness to their families, enriching homes across Colchester and Tendring.

Congratulations to you all and look out for another selection of pictures in tomorrow’s Gazette.

If you’ve recently become a parent, it’s not too late to submit a picture and some details of your little one.

Drop us a line here.

Ada Paloma Josie Mumford

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Early bird - Ada Paloma Josie Mumford was born two weeks early on May 26, weighing 5lb 10oz

Amelia Jane Violet Hodgkins

Chelmsford Weekly News:

All smiles - Amelia Jane Violet Hodgkins weighed 8lb 4oz and arrived in Clacton on March 25

Archie Oakes

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Full of character - little Archie Oakes was born six days after his due date, on April 8. He weighed 6lb 13oz

Ava Marie Fairhurst

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Big smile - Ava Marie Fairhurst brought joy to Catherine and Edward Fairhurst when born in Braintree on March 17

Dolcie-Mai Carr

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Gorgeous girl - Dolcie-Mai Carr arrived in Colchester on March 10, weighing 7lb 3oz

Douglas Rudyard Smith

Chelmsford Weekly News:

So peaceful - Douglas Rudyard Smith weighed 6lb 9oz when he arrived in Colchester on April 15

Eva Xanthe Jeanette Tuff-Lacey

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Girl power - Eva Xanthe Jeanette Tuff-Lacey is pictured with proud sisters Gabriella and Rose

Florence Audrey June

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Bundle of joy - Florence Audrey June was born in Colchester on June 9, weighing 9lb 4oz

Harper Brown

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Adorable - Harper Brown weighed 5lb 15oz and was born in Colchester on March 14

Hope Rose Gemmell

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Emergency C section - Hope Rose Gemmell made a dramatic arrival on April 29, weighing 8lb 4oz. She is pictured with big sister Tilly


Chelmsford Weekly News:

First breaths - this picture of Hudson-Gray was taken at Colchester General Hospital on April 21

Lucy Ann Hiron

Chelmsford Weekly News:

It’s a girl! - Lucy Ann Hiron was born in Colchester on April 22 and has four big brothers, Mikey, Thomas, Lewis and Jack

Maggie Olley

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Welcome to the world - Maggie Olley arrived on April 29, weighing 8lb 1oz

Scarlett Eden Hunt

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Rainbow baby - Scarlett Eden Hunt was born in Colchester on May 28, weighing 6lb 8oz

Theon Huffey

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Looking snug - Theon Huffey was born by C-section on May 11, weighing 8lb 1oz