A FAMILY-RUN food manufacturer is hoping for the sweet taste of success after launching its new range of exotic jams.

Colchester-based Chosan has made four preserves using the superfood baobab, inspired by the fruits and flavours of Africa.

They are fruity banana and baobab, zesty orange and baobab and spicy sweet baobab, in addition to a rich baobab chocolate spread.

Eliza Jones, who founded Chosan, said: “In this country, baobab is normally used as a superfood powder and vitamin enricher by health food enthusiasts but it has great flavour, too.

“The products we make here in the UK allow us to enjoy delicious, tropical flavours, at the same time enjoying all the nutritional benefits.”

All four of Chosan’s new jams and spreads are available in 190g jars.

They are free from allergens, gluten-free and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The business has been producing healthy food and drink for almost a decade and all their products are based around hibiscus and baobab.

Normally sold in health food shops in its powder form, baobab is a recognised superfood.

Chosan worked with Colchester-based design agency Puur during lockdown and the branding and packaging project started in mid-March.

Meetings, which would normally have been face-to-face, needed to become web calls with screen-sharing presentations.

Puur owner Michael Rance said: "Working with Eliza has always been great in terms of freedom to design and this project has been no different.

"We're really pleased with the final design and how it works across all the different products and applications.

"We've always tried to understand the needs of whoever we work with and have seen strong face-to-face communication as key.

"Not being able to do this during lockdown has taught us a lot about how important it actually is.

"Simple tasks such as printing all the labelling for the jams or preparing a whole socially-distanced photoshoot were areas we knew could have been almost impossible.

"This is where working with people we know and trust has been paramount.

"Companies like Big Fish Photography have gone above and beyond to help Chosan launch. It has truly been a team effort."

The new identity Puur has developed will now be rolled out across all areas of Chosan's business, starting with a rebranded website, social media and the new jam packaging.

This will progress through to repackaging their fresh fruit hibiscus-infused sorbets and organic drinks when stocks are replenished.