NEW pictures show heavy machinery working to remove a 40ft fin whale carcass from Holland beach.

The pictures, sent to The Gazette by a resident who lives nearby, show Tendring Council contractors working at the scene this morning.

The council expects work to remove the whale from the beach to be complete by the end of the day.

The whale washed up on the beach, near the Kingscliff Hotel, on Friday morning, prompting shock and awe from residents.

Since then, Essex Police, Clacton Coastguard Rescue Team, marine experts and the council have been working to keep the public away and remove the carcass safely.

We have blurred the first image in the gallery.

Essex Police remain at the scene whilst work continues.

A spokesman for the Tendring division said: "Sad scenes at Holland today. Those who feel the need to attend and watch, please be respectful of social distancing guidelines."

Chelmsford Weekly News: Picture: Essex Police TendringPicture: Essex Police Tendring