WE'VE all had a bit more free time during lockdown.

And many of us have used this to revisit an old hobby, learn a new skill or maybe just to catch up on all those box sets we've missed.

One thing which many people have taken up or rediscovered their loved for is cooking and the additional time at home has given us the chance to try out some new recipes.

But what are the recipes we've been searching for most?

According to new research, the answer isn't quite as adventurous as you might think.

The research analysed search data for terms related to "recipe" from the last year to work out what difference Covid-19 has made on our cooking habits here and across the world.

Comparing the April 2019 and March 2020 data removes any seasonal trends, with the only difference being the pandemic, to work out terms with the biggest percentage swing between the two.

The data also reveals the search terms to peak in March 2020 to show the biggest increases generally without any comparison, for when lockdown began.

The study, conducted by digital marketing agency Impression, found what everyone is actually striving to do is bake a simple loaf of bread and master the perfect curry.

Below are the UK searches that peaked in March 2020, with recipes related to curry being searched for more than 3.3 million times:

Keyword searches: Mar 2020

Curry - 3,350,000

Banana bread - 673,000

Pancake recipe - 550,000

Yorkshire pudding - 368,000

BBC good food - 368,000

Bread recipes - 301,000

Banana bread recipe - 301,000

Scone recipe - 301,000

Cookie recipe - 246,000

While the recipe searches that increased in percentage year-on-year due to the pandemic are unsurprisingly dominated by bread:

Keyword and percentage difference Mar 2020 vs Apr 2019

Easy bread recipe - 1581.82%

Soda bread recipe - 1566.67%

Bread recipes - 1255.86%

Homemade bread - 1029.17%

Beer bread - 1025.00%

Homemade pasta - 819.44%

Sourdough starter - 812.16%

Hello fresh meals - 661.54%

Easy banana bread recipe - 654.17%

White bread recipe - 652.78%

Petar Jovetic, Head of SEO at Impression, said: “It seems that the national crisis has driven us all to take up a new hobby in the home. With trips to the supermarkets down, many seem to have taken matters into their own hands and opted to perfect the art of baking bread.

“If baking hasn’t been your thing, the numbers are also up in March for recipes relating to curry - interestingly when looking at numerical increases year-on-year, instead of percentage swings, curry was also up It seems as a nation we are seeking real comfort in homemade curry and fresh bread.”

While we all rushed to find the easiest bread recipe, Lithuania opted for the perfect cinnamon roll and Kenya looked to perfect its focaccia making skills.