Parliament has been dissolved and the candidates set to fight it out on December 12 are beginning to be revealed.

Thursday, November 14 is the deadline for candidate nominations.

After that party manifestos are likely to be launched and leaders debates will take place.

Here is who has so far declared their intention to stand in the election next month:


Cons - Will Quince

Green - Mark Goacher

Labour - Tina McKay

Lib Dem - Martin Goss


Cons - Giles Watling

Green - Chris Southall

Independent - Colin Bennett

Independent - Andrew Morgan

Labour - Kevin Bonavia 

Lib Dem - Callum Robertson

Monster Raving Loony Party - Just-John Sexton


Cons - James Cleverly

Independent - Jo Beavis

Independent - Alan Dorkins

Independent - David Mansell

Labour - Joshua Garfield

Lib Dem - Dominic Graham


Cons - Priti Patel

Green - James Abbott

Labour - Martin Edobor

Lib Dem - Sam North

Harwich and North Essex

Cons - Bernard Jenkin

Green - Peter Banks

Independent - Richard Browning-Smith

Independent - Tony Francis 

Labour - Stephen Rice

Lib Dem - Mike Beckett


Cons - John Whittingdale

Green - Janey Band

Labour - Stephen Capper 

Lib Dem - Colin Baldy