A BUDDING sportsman holding on to life after two near fatal crashes has loved ones braving death-defying stunts to raise £160,000 to send him abroad for treatment.

Brookin Johnson, 32, has been paralysed from the chest down for nearly two years.

He needs round-the-clock care and suffers from a string of neurological conditions which have pushed his health to the brink.

Aspiring model Brookin, originally from Braintree, was first injured when he was left for dead following a hit-and-run in Thailand in 2015.

Surgeons fought to save his right foot and he spent months recovering before he was well enough to fly home.

But a week after landing in England, a driver crashed into the side of his car and the airbag caused irreparable damage to his neck and spine.

His injuries, constant pain, pins and needles, and bowel and bladder dysfunction, went largely untreated until he suddenly collapsed in 2016.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Friend of 12 years, Jade Lyness, from Colchester, said: “On top of his paralysis, he endures an excruciating amount of pain which in his own words feels like his spinal cord is being ripped out, as well as nerve damage, sepsis, pneumonia, blood clots in both lungs and horrendous wound infections from bed sores - the list goes on.

“Brookin can’t go on like this, mentally or physically.

“He’s deteriorating and we urgently need to raise funds to fly him abroad to Panama for stem cell treatment.”

Doing so will give Brookin, of Chelmsford, the best chance at getting back on his feet by restoring the nerves in his spine, but he has to be well enough to fly.

This will be followed by rehabilitation at the Walking Project in the US, all costing about £160,000.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Brookin returned to the UK hoping to get back into modelling

To raise the cash his mum Jackie Rainbird had an idea to get as many people to skydive in one day as GoSkydive can manage.

Hairdresser Jade, 34, who first met Brookin when they were working in Ibiza, is braving the 15,000ft drop too, alongside several friends and her brother.

The challenge is for anyone who has a daring streak, not just friends and family.

She said: “I’m petrified but it’s nothing compared with what Brookin has to go through every day.

“He doesn’t know where to turn. Nothing is working and he’s stuck in pain. Two years on and nothing is any different.

“All he wants is to be able to get in and out of his wheelchair and be out of pain.”

The skydive will take place on September 2 in Salisbury.

Jumpers will need to either raise a minimum of £1,000 sponsorship or you can opt to pay for the skydive and raise as much as you can.

Contact GoSkydive on 01722568755 or visit goskydive.com/help-brookin-johnson.

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