A PROUD mum has praised her six-year-old son after he stepped in to potentially save her life.

Brave Charlie Major, who suffers from learning difficulties, ADHD and other disorders, administered his mum Charmaine’s epi pen after she was stung by a wasp at her home in Chelmsford, on Friday.

After suffering three stings, which she is highly allergic to, she started to go into the early stages of anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal if treatment is not received quickly.

However, thanks to quick-thinking Charlie, who goes to Thriftwood School, in Slades Lane, Galleywood, the symptoms were treated in time before his mum got any worse.

Charmaine, 30, said: “I needed to use my epi pen but couldn’t hold it steady enough to inject myself as I was shaking so much.

“Charlie was watching television but could see what I was doing and said ‘Mummy I can do it for you’. He has never seen me do it before.”

She talked him through what he needed to do and Charlie eventually managed to hit his mum hard in the leg so the needle penetrated the skin, releasing vital adrenaline into her bloodstream.

Charmaine added: “It’s needs quite a firm whack so he got extremely excited when it clicked because he knew what he’d done.

“I am extremely proud of him. It’s such a brave thing to do and if Charlie wasn’t here I’m not sure what I would have done. He is so pleased with himself and telling everyone all about the needle and how he helped mummy.

“It’s hard enough for any child to do something like that, but for Charlie I feel it’s a massive achievement. It goes to show just because a child has special needs, it doesn’t mean they can’t do things.”