A FORMER Chelmsford doctor has written a book about his adventures on a motorbike across the world.

Bearback – The World Overland charts a four-year journey taken by Dr Pat Garrod and his partner Vanessa, also a doctor.

They travelled on his motorcycle, known as the Bear, to see the world and the book recounts their adventures.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes describes it as: “A remarkable journey. Searching, honest, uplifting.”

Dr Garrod and his wife now live in Dorset where they both practice medicine.

The 46-year-old was born in the recently closed St John’s Hospital, in Chelmsford, in 1964.

He attended the local primary school in Great Baddow where the family lived and attended King Edward VI Grammar School.

He said: “At 18 I left home and attended Southampton University Medical School gaining my Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1988 – a year later than expected due to a serious motorcycle accident at the age of 23.

“My childhood in the Chelmsford area was a very contented one. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a strong and stable family environment.”

Dr Garrod was also secretary of the local section of the Cyclists Touring Club in his teenage years. His parents and one of his brothers still live in Chelmsford.

He and Vanessa travelled 100,000 miles across 64 countries on the bike during the Nineties and he proposed to Vanessa in Timbuktu. The book is packed full of pictures of their journey.

He is hopeful Waterstones may hold a book signing in Chelmsford this year.

Copies of his book are available from publisher Troubador priced at £16.95.

You can also visit the website www.theworldoverland.com