HAS Chelmsford’s ASBO swan returned to his riverside home?

No, appears to be the answer. A national newspaper had claimed Hissing Sid, as he became known, has flown home to the River Chelmer, after being banished to a quarry in Suffolk, in August, because of his anti-social behaviour.

The swan and his family were moved after he had attacked canoeists and walkers along the river.

But the family of swans which has now arrived on the river by the canoe club is not Sid and his gang.

Deborah Wilkes, secretary of Chelmsford Canoe Club, said the family of swans that had now appeared on the river was not Sid.

She said: “This is a nice, friendly family. There is also an extra cygnet.

“I am not totally sure, but I think they may have come from Central Park. It is not Sid.”

Laura Ketley, spokeswoman for Chelmsford Council, said: “We do believe these swans are a different family of swans altogether, as they have one more cygnet in the brood than Sid.”