An ESSEX doctor has been banned from practicing medicine after he was outed as a sexual predator following attempts to try and meet young girls aged as young as 11.

Dr Shailendra Kurmi, who was based in Chelmsford, has officially been barred from practising medicine following a medical practitioners tribunal.

The doctor qualified in 2014 from Kathmandu University in Nepal, but on October 10, 2023, he was convicted of attempting to meet a girl under 16 years old after grooming her.

He was also convicted for attempting to cause another child, aged 13 to 15, to watch or look at an image of sexual activity and attempting to engage in sexual communication with a third child.

On November 27 last year, Dr Kurmi was said to have been sentenced to imprisonment for a total of four years, at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Location - Chelmsford Crown CourtLocation - Chelmsford Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

His phones were seized and a destruction order was made.

He also had to sign the sex offender register for an indefinite period and had a sexual harm prevention order put in place for ten years.

The prison sentence came after he believed he was contacting young girls on a chat website called Chat Avenue, but it was really undercover police officers.

The medical tribunal document said: "The tribunal determined that, given the seriousness of its findings and having found that the serious nature of Dr Kurmi’s offences makes him fundamentally incompatible with continued registration, an immediate order of suspension is necessary to protect the public, is in the public interest and is required to uphold public confidence in the profession.”

Chelmsford Weekly News: Internet safety - an illustrative image of a man on a laptopInternet safety - an illustrative image of a man on a laptop (Image: Pexels)

From September 4- 8, using an online profile claiming he was a 16-year-old male, Dr Kurmi contacted someone he believed was a girl, on a chat website but it was an undercover police operative.

He was told by the ‘girl’ that she was aged 11 and asked her about sexual experience and also asked for nude images.

On another occasion, he spoke to a ’12-year-old girl’ and told her he was a 30-year-old male before sending sexualised messages.

Between September 6-10, he contacted a person who informed the doctor that she was 13 years old.

Dr Kurmi sent sexually explicit messages and tried to meet her in a hotel in Harlow.

But when he arrived at the hotel, he was apprehended by online child activist group Broken Dreams and reported to the police.