A SPORTING legend has taken part in an epic convoy of authentic and replica movie cars from iconic film and tv franchises in aid of charity.

Darts player and television personality, Bobby George, 78, attended the Dream Drives movie car parade on Sunday which saw 32 different vehicles convoy from Harlow to Chelmsford.

The event was in aid of charity, specifically Little Havens Hospices, an organisation which provides care and support for babies, children and young people with complex or incurable conditions.

The stunning vehicles, including the 1976 Cadillac El Dorado which was used by comedian Mike Myers in Austin Powers: Goldmember, were transported to Kings Farm in Chelmsford, the site of Motorfest 2024.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Beautiful - the vehicle Bobby George drove during the convoyBeautiful - the vehicle Bobby George drove during the convoy (Image: Newsquest)

Bobby, who lives in Ardleigh, is well known for being a charismatic darts player who won multiple championships and has been active in the sport since the mid-1970s.

The star has played internationally for the UK, and his signature rings and necklaces have become a staple part of his distinctive look.

On the day of the convoy, Bobby drove a blue Ford Anglia modelled on the one used in the Harry Potter films.

Bobby explained how he became involved in the day prior to the convoy setting off.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Enjoying the day - Happy to help - Darts legend Bobby George and volunteer motorcyclist Dave who both took part in the convoyEnjoying the day - Happy to help - Darts legend Bobby George and volunteer motorcyclist Dave who both took part in the convoy (Image: Newsquest)

He said: “Fred, Barry’s son, asked if I would mind and I said no, it would make a change.

“I used to have a 105 Ford Anglia, they used to call them fat wheels, with a lotus engine in it and all that.

“I went to school with Fred’s dad Barry, and I knew before I came here, I said to my missus, he’s going to tell me to drive the Ford Anglia.

“It looks amazing, it takes you back years, the thing is, if you don’t look in the mirror, you don’t get old.

“So, when I get in the car, I’m not going to look in the mirror, I’m just going to sit in the car and think I’m 18 again, today’s a bit different, they are all lovely cars, stunning.”

All of the cars were being transported to the site of Motorfest 2024, which is taking place this weekend, 10am to 6pm, where the Dream Drives movie car collection will be displayed to the attending crowds.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Legend - Bobby GeorgeLegend - Bobby George (Image: Submitted)

Chelmsford Weekly News: Fun - the convoy getting ready to leave HarlowFun - the convoy getting ready to leave Harlow (Image: Newsquest)

Up to 20,000 attendees will enjoy stunt shows, a variety of vehicles to look at, funfair rides, street food, monster truck rides, bars, and more throughout the weekend event.

A brand-new van and motorcycle will also be given away at Motorfest, which coincides with Father's Day on Sunday.

A mixture of standard and VIP tickets are available for decent prices.

To find out more, head to motorshowtickets.com/p/motorfest.