FOOD experts have revealed you can make your very own classic McDonald's cheeseburger at home for less than 99p.

It comes after the fast-food chain announced the price of its popular 99p cheeseburger would be rising to £1.19, to the dismay of many.

It is the first time the price of the food item has gone up in 14 years.

But food company may have found the answer to the problem after revealing you could make your own version of the burger for much less than 99p.

According to the team at the meal kit comparison company, you could make your own 99p cheeseburger for as little as 68p.

Using ingredients you could find at your local Aldi, some cost as little as 1p per serving.

For a single burger, Aldi’s eight pack of Ashfields Beef Burgers make up the bulk of the cost at 44p a burger.

A single bun from a six pack of Village Bakery Seeded Burger Buns is just 17p while a single slice of Everyday Essentials Cheesy Singles is just 4p.

For 10g of The Deli Pickled Gherkins (optional of course) is less than 1p and the same goes for 1g of Bramwell’s Tomato Ketchup, Bramwell’s American Style Mustard, and Nature's Pick Onions.

All together the price comes out as 68p per burger.

That’s 31p less than the original 99p price and 51p less than the new price.

 Steps to create the classic burger have also been shared.


·         First, place an optional teaspoon of oil (5ml) into your pan on medium heat. Add your burger patty to the pan and cook for three minutes on each side, sprinkling a pinch of salt on both sides as well.

·         Brown each of the burger buns in a pan and set aside.

·         On each top bun place 10g of ketchup and 10g of mustard.

·         Finely dice one small onion and cut a gherkin into slices. Add 10g of onion onto the top bun as well as three gherkin slices.

·         Add one cheese slice onto each burger patty in the pan. Add one teaspoon of water to the pan and cover with a lid for 30 seconds to allow the steam to melt the cheese.

·         Add your burger to the bottom bun, add your top bun on top and you’re done!