A RECKLESS driver fuelled by alcohol left a homeowner’s brick pillars crumbled across a road before later driving into a ditch.

Charles Brown told police officers he heard a “loud bang” from the front of his property in Church Road, Thorrington, at 1.50pm on July 1.

When he went outside he saw a Volkswagen Caddy sitting on top of a pile of rubble where his two large brick pillars and small metal gate lay just moments before.

Rima Begum, prosecuting, told Colchester Magistrates’ Court only the front wheel of the van was touching the floor and its driver, Caroline Brewer, was attempting to reverse.

Brewer, 58, was then seen running into the adjacent Station Road trying to flag down passers-by for help, before returning to try to push her vehicle off the bricks strewn across the road.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Damage - Caroline Brewer crashed in Church Road, ThorringtonDamage - Caroline Brewer crashed in Church Road, Thorrington

Mr Brown told the police Brewer, a professional dog walker, was “rambling and not making much sense”.

At about 2.40pm the police, who were at the property, then received a second call claiming a Volkswagen had crashed into a ditch in Dial Road, Great Bentley.

“It is believed Mrs Brewer had driven there and was walking away from the vehicle,” explained Ms Begum.

“The person called the police and said there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from her and she was struggling to walk.”

When Brewer was breathalysed by officers at the police station, she returned a reading of 87mcgs of alcohol in 100 mls of breath, despite the legal limit being 35.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Ditch - Dial Road, Great BentleyDitch - Dial Road, Great Bentley

“The first thing she did was get out and apologise to the homeowner for careering into his wall,” said Kristina Smith, mitigating.

“She claims she looked down at her new sat nav which is why she veered off the road.

“She accepts in the past she has had issues with alcohol but has been treated for this. At one point two bottles of wine for her was a normal day.”

Brewer, of Longstomps Avenue, Chelmsford, admitted drink driving and was banned from the roads for 22 months by chairwoman of the bench Margaret Macallan.

She was also ordered to pay £473 in costs, a fine and compensation to Mr Brown.