A WOMAN needs both her legs amputated after suffering from a rare condition caused by a gnat bite she suffered - 13 years ago.

Jorja Austin, of Basildon, is being cared for at Basildon Hospital after suffering with a life-threatening bout of sepsis.

*WARNING - graphic images below*

The 40-year-old has pyoderma gangrenosum, a rare condition that causes large, painful sores to develop on her skin. 

Her family say it was triggered by a gnat bite on one leg, before the disease spread to her other leg.

Her two children, aged 12 and 16, were put into social care as their mother’s health began to fail and authorities ruled her health meant she could not care for them.

“The only option she really has is amputation now, as she can’t live her life like this as she can’t walk anymore,” Jorja’s sister, Paige, said.

She was rushed to hospital last week after complaining of problems breathing.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Doctors put her into a coma and operated on both legs.

“We were told she would most likely not survive, and that we should expect the worst,” Paige explained.

But Jorja defied doctors' expectations by waking up from the coma.

“Her breathing is still very bad, she can say a few words and nod her head,” Paige said.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

“She is the strongest person we know and has been the rock in our family, even though she suffers so much herself, she always has wise words for us and is there when we need a shoulder to cry on.”

Paige went to visit her sister last week and was shocked to find hospital staff had put the wrong type of dressing on her wounds, meaning they had stuck to her legs.

“They had to keep trying to soak them to pull the dressing off.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

"It took them over three hours to manage to get it all off and she was sobbing in agony from the pain,” Paige said.

“I feel traumatised seeing what she had to go through, as no one deserves to be treated like that.”

Chelmsford Weekly News:

A Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said:“The Patient Advice and Liaison Service at the Trust has already acknowledged receipt of the family's complaint.

"As part of this process, the trust will now be in touch with them to discuss their concerns, so that this issue can be looked into.”