DANNY Dyer and Keith Lemon were in an Essex village filming an ITV show, visiting a number of businesses in the area.

The two celebrities were in Battlesbridge filming an episode for Keith Lemon’s ITV show, “Shopping with Keith Lemon” on Sunday, March 13.

The owner of the pub One Green Bottle, Steve Pegg, even had Danny Dyer pulling pints.

He said it was amazing: “The whole atmosphere, the whole experience, everything was really good.

“We had the film crew, who set up base in our pub, and then Danny and Keith walked round some of the other shops, including the antiques centre, before coming back into my pub for an interview.

“Danny Dyer even then pulled a pint with me, which is just amazing.

“The whole thing was fantastic, and they are really lovely people.

“One of our staff said to me it was the best day ever, so you can’t get better than that.”

The comedy series “Shopping with Keith Lemon” is currently filming series number two, and is effectivity where Keith visited high streets and villages with a celebrity guest.

During the episodes, while Keith gets an insight into the celeb’s life, in this case Danny Dyer, he also takes them shopping, and to places within the chosen village.

Steve Pegg added how amazing this is for Battlesbridge and also the business after coming through the pandemic.

He added: “The main thing is though, the whole thing is so good for Battlesbridge centre, and our businesses.

“It will really help the businesses here with a little bit of exposure, and a bit more recognised and noticed in Essex.”

As well as visiting the pub, socialising with customers, Danny and Keith also visited the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre.

Jim Gallie, owner of the Antiques Centre, in Wickford, on the Muggeridge Farm, added: “The best thing was both of them had time for everybody, they had selfies with all the customers walking up to them.

“Which could be a bit irritating if you are trying to film, but they didn’t mind at all, they were there all day and had so much time to speak to everybody, which was a real pleasure.”