WITNESSING the birth of a new-born animal is perhaps one of the most life-affirming and awe-inspiring experiences anyone can ever experience.

It is no wonder then that when Colchester Zoo announces a tiny new arrival into its ranks loyal guests waste no time in rushing to the complex to catch a glimpse.

For those unable to make the trip, gushing over adorable photos of the world’s latest cute creature is the next best thing.

So, here at the Gazette, we have compiled a list of the some of the zoo’s most recent births – all for your viewing and doting pleasure.

Gelada Baboons

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Colchester Zoo welcomed the birth of three baby gelada baboons after mum Thandi and dad Akobo saw their little one born on September 16 last year.

Thandi is an experienced parent, having already given birth to five offspring including female gelada Mucha, who has also now made Thandi a grandmother within the troop.

Following this, mum Adana gave birth to her little one on September 24 and, the very next day, Mucha gave birth seeing both her and Adana become first-time mums, to which the zoo said “they have taken to their new role well”.

Antelope Calf

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Jasmine gave birth to the adorable calf on September 18, who has since been confirmed as male and named Haslam by the zoo’s animal care team.

Both mum and her new arrival are doing well as Jasmine continues to be a very attentive mother alongside dad, Jafar.

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Blue duikers are a small species of antelope found in eastern and southern Africa.

Since Jasmine’s arrival at Colchester Zoo from France in November 2013, she has had four successful births.

Kirk’s dik-dik

Chelmsford Weekly News:

On December 19 last year the zoo’s female Kirk’s dik-dik, Daenerys, gave birth to a single offspring sired by Demetri.

Demetri is easy to distinguish from Daenerys as males have horns which can grow up to 11 cm in length.

Demetri arrived in September 2016 from Antwerp Zoo, whilst Daenerys arrived at Colchester Zoo back in November 2016 from Berlin Zoo.

Kirk’s dik-diks form a monogamous pair and since their arrival, both Daenerys and Demetri have formed a strong bond and welcomed six offspring together.

The tiny new arrival is growing stronger each day and has been sexed by our Animal Care Team who have confirmed that Daenerys’ young is female and since named her Carol.

White Rhino

Chelmsford Weekly News:

In January 2020 the zoo welcomed a baby white rhino after its mum Emily gave birth.

As the calf grows she will gradually be introduced to the main paddock and her neighbours living at the Kingdom of the Wild.


Chelmsford Weekly News:

During the first coronavirus lockdown the facility saw the arrival of its first ever Tamandua.

The youngster was born to mum Ruth and dad Oreo on Saturday, April 11 in 2020.

Bush Dogs

Chelmsford Weekly News:

In June 2020, bush dogs Nina and Nico welcomed their fourth litter during their time at Colchester Zoo after the arrival of three adorable pups.

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The species is native to Central and South America and the latest trio has seven older siblings at the zoo.


Chelmsford Weekly News:

Female cheetah Sia successfully gave birth to her first litter of cubs back in April 2020.

She mated with male cheetah Abasi and despite zookeepers being confident of a successful pregnancy, they did not expect so many cubs to be born.

Sia previously gave birth to a single cub but it was sadly unable to survive.