A COUPLE are hoping to raise enough money for their dream wedding after being hit with a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Helen Adams, 37, has moved her wedding forward to March after finding out her cancer has returned and spread across her body.

Helen, from Basildon, and her partner Jay Brett, 43, have been together for nine years but are now hoping the community can help them fund their dream wedding before Helen’s condition deteriorates.

In 2020, Helen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions didn’t work, she had a mastectomy.

She then had another cancerous lump removed in 2021.

However two days before Christmas she was told the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and her liver.

Since then it has also spread to her lungs.

Helen said: “I feel very emotional, and I am just praying that the chemotherapy works.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Positive spirits - Helen Adams with boyfriend Jay Brett.

“The treatment now is chemotherapy and a drug to boost my immune system as well to help fight the cancer and I will be treated at the Southend Chemotherapy Unit.

“I was originally due to get married at the end of July, but I moved it forward due to my diagnosis.

“I just want it to be a really lovely day and evening where everything is perfect for one day.

I only have two dreams and one is to be cancer free, the other is to get married.”

Chelmsford Weekly News: Still smiling - Helen Adams with boyfriend Jay Brett.

Helen met her boyfriend at the Eastgate Shopping Centre and they have an eight-year-old son together.

Due to Helen’s condition, Jay has had to give up work to care for her, meaning money is tight at the moment.

A GoFundMe has been set up by her niece, Kim Tooley, to help ensure they have their dream wedding.

Helen insisted the support has been amazing.

Chelmsford Weekly News: Ringing the bell before her new diagnosis - Helen Adams

She said: “I want to thank everyone that has already donated as it means a lot to me and to Jay as well.

The support from my friends and family too has been amazing.

“I feel so happy and excited about getting married to the love of my life and my soul mate. It has always been a dream of mine to get married.”

To donate, visit: www.bit.ly/3u5tbY7

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